Helping Our Friends During the Holidays


Many of us here at Cognitive Consulting extend our definition of family to include our pets. Because the holiday season surrounds spending time with loved ones, we wanted to account for the broadened definition in our giving this year.

Cognitive Consulting donated funds to PAWS Chicago, an organization founded on principles of “Prevention, Adoption, Animal Health and Behavior, and Volunteer programs.”[1] In 2021, PAWS provided “medical care to 25,000+ homeless and at-risk pets,” found “new homes for 4,000+ dogs and cats,” and “distributed 23,856 pounds of pet food in under-resourced communities,” among other achievements. Their community engagement allows them to raise awareness of how pets come to face homelessness and how volunteers in Chicago and other community members can help improve the animals’ situations.

We’re grateful that, at this time of the year, our donation will be matched and will go towards contributing beds, food, and medicine to pets in need. As we look ahead to the end of the year and the start of a new one, we want to acknowledge every hand and paw that has meaningfully impacted us.