Four High School Students Win Cognitive STEM NEWS Scholarship


Each year, as part of Cognitive Consulting’s commitment to empowering women through STEM, Cognitive awards the STEM NEWS Scholarship, a $1,000 prize aimed at nurturing women interested in pursuing STEM in college, to a select number of high school juniors and seniors.  This year, four young women across the Tri-State Region received the scholarship. Though the students’ interests vary from areas such as CAR T cell therapy to DNA analysis, they share a passion for the potential impact of STEM and how studying STEM leads to innovative problem-solving and a greater world understanding.

One winner writes: “Truly, I believe that STEM calls for researchers to think outside the box for solutions to everyday problems and for clinicians and technicians to develop new technology to keep speed with the ever-changing world around them.” Another describes her excitement in realizing, “If I could combine my love for science and interest in human behavior, I could answer any question!” However, they also strive to continue this research and investigation in the next steps of their educational journey.

As one student explains, “It is my dream to one day become an oncologist, and to do this, I want to continue my education in undergraduate and eventually medical school.” But not only do they concentrate on their own path, they also focus on helping others: “I love sharing my passion with younger students and seeing them become excited about all of the possibilities studying in a STEM field can have.”

These young women embody the curiosity, motivation, and citizenship that govern Cognitive’s view towards the everyday and the world of business in STEM. A sincere congratulations to our four, inspirational winners. It has been an honor to support you on your way, and we cannot wait to see where you will go!