Want Smart Innovation? Cognitive Says Educate to Innovate.


Imagine you are a chef.  You have a range of fabulous “classics” in your repertoire that you have put a spin on to make them uniquely yours.  But they are classics… intended to be eaten again and again, each time generating the same “classic” experience for the diner.  But what if you (or your customers) crave something novel?  Something different and unique that can stimulate taste buds in an entirely different way. To satisfy this need, you need to explore new recipes and ingredients and educate yourself on new styles of cooking.  Only then do you have the knowledge to generate something potentially even more enticing.

Marketers and market researchers share the same challenge when it comes to innovation.

  • Innovation demands open thinking.  Tap into educational opportunities outside of the expected norms and resources, approaches, techniques.  
  • Innovation requires engagement.  Engagement forces you to develop new ways of thinking, to problem-solve, and to challenge the status quo.  Explore new approaches to problem-solving.  Look outside of your own circle of influence for ideas and opportunities to engage with people who challenge your current paradigms.  
  • Innovation requires assessment.  Keep abreast of what your peers/competitors or suppliers are doing to understand key trends.  
  • Innovation requires re-assessing skill development.  One size does not fit all when it comes to acquiring new skills.  Choose multiple modes for increasing skill development from junior to senior levels.  Look to both internal and external resources.  Identify opportunities for both formal and informal knowledge dissemination from the top down and the bottom up within your organization.  

Cognitive Consulting is committed to providing smart innovation to all our clients.  Innovation that has an impact on your business… not innovation for innovation’s sake. 

To learn more about our Educate to Innovate approach and how our knowledge can benefit your team, contact info@cognitiveconsulting.com.