Reinventing Healthcare Relationships Using Artificial Intelligence Chatbots


    Business Issue: Pharmaceutical client would like to redefine one of their legacy products using innovative methodologies to reshape its positioning in a crowded market.

    Methodology – Cognitive CHAT: Cognitive used neural networks and AI-powered chatbots to create new opportunities for the client’s product.  

    • Created a chatbot screener to identify potential sufferers before diagnosis by transforming a lengthy patient screening questionnaire into a more efficient and manageable survey. The chatbot screener reduced 50+ questions to less than 10 with high validity.
    • Identified new market structures through neural networks by creating multiple outputs (emotional health and physical health) to identify patient-centric drivers and challenges to leverage in patient management and support.
    • Determined that this particular autoimmune disorder has many clinical challenges due to multiple unknowns: cause, cure, disease activity and no loss of response to treatment. Thus it was discovered that early identification of sufferers through risk factors was key to market growth.

    The key to achieving the efficient use of natural language processing technology is the concept of aggregation and augmentation. Rather than thinking of a conversation exclusively taking place between one human and one machine, AI chatbots can be used to monitor and draw insights from every conversation and learn from them how to perform better in the next one.


    Chatbots can "step in" for routine tasks such as answering straightforward questions from an organization's knowledge base. Thus, being able to efficiently reduce the number of questions being asked. In other situations, the sentiment analytics can prompt a human, such as an on-call nurse, to take over the chat or call.


    Highly useful function where AI chatbots can quickly digest, process, and report data when it is needed. For patient-facing functions, HCPs can receive summarized answers to questions involving products, patient needs, and general questions.

    Highlighting Cognitive’s Product Portfolio

    • Industry:  Data Science
    • Consulting:  Product Innovation
    • Product:  Cognitive CHAT – Automation – Use programmatic ads and chatbots with evolving tech for minimal human intervention