Differentiating Positioning in a Developed Market


Business Issue: A new mechanism of action was being developed for a cardiovascular indication for which treatment paradigms were already well established.  Although the client’s product was unique and differentiated, strong positioning was critical in order to ensure physicians would have a reason to believe in the new mechanism and would adopt it into their treatment armamentarium.      

Methodology – Cognitive CODE: Cognitive conducted two phases of research to develop strong positioning frameworks that delivered the 3 “Ps” – Premise, Promise and Proof.  In the first phase, interviews were conducted to identify the key benefits (“Promise”) and reasons to believe (“Proof”) that resonated with physicians.  Several concepts were created and then tested in the second phase to choose and optimize the final positioning concept.  Consequently, the final positioning concept was utilized as the core inspiration for further development of key messages and marketing materials. 


Highlighting Cognitive’s Product Portfolio

  • Industry:  Life Science
  • Consulting:  Brand Development
  • Product:  Cognitive CODE – Positioning Development – Optimize positioning that will guide all marketing communication with a comprehensive approach