Cognitive Consulting Is GDPR Compliant


Cognitive Consulting takes privacy compliance seriously.  Our clients can be assured that all work conducted in the EU will follow proper privacy guidelines. Please contact us to learn more about GDPR nuances and what Cognitive is doing to stay compliant at

GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation)

GDPR guidelines give every resident in the EU the right to decide how their personal data are used, stored, protected, transferred, and deleted.  “Personal data” is defined as any data that allows for identification of an individual either directly or indirectly. 

GDPR’s Impact on Qualitative Research

Recorded audio, recorded video, in-person viewing, and live remote viewing are all considered a transfer of personal data.  Consent for viewing/listening must be obtained prior to the start of the interview.  Additionally, the end client needs to be identified to the respondent. However, whether the reveal takes place at the start or end of the interview is dependent on when the actual transfer of data occurs. Examples of Cognitive’s Compliance:  Eliminating webcams/blurring delivered videos, live listening of simultaneous translator only, redacting personal information from transcript.

GDPR’s Impact on Quantitative Research

IP addresses and information obtained from client lists are considered a transfer of personal data.  Circumstances around list management depend on if we are matching to a client list or providing a custom recruit.  For example, if the client list contains email addresses, then it is required that we divulge the source of the list. Examples of Cognitive’s Compliance:  IP addresses are not collected and stored in the raw data files; recruiting from panel databases where the end client receives no transfer of personal data.

GDPR’s Impact on Adverse Event Reporting

Respondents must give consent for personal data to be given to pharmacovigilance departments (PV).  This consent is separate from the survey consent.  Additionally, data passed along for AEs must be adequate to fulfill the stated purpose, relevant to that purpose, and limited to only what is necessary for that purpose.

AE Submission Process