Cognitive Consulting Is BHBIA Certified


Cognitive Consulting is a full corporate member of the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA). Our clients can be assured that all work conducted in the UK will follow proper privacy guidelines. Please contact us to learn more about BHBIA guidelines and what Cognitive is doing to stay compliant at

BHBIA provides legal and ethical advice to protect the rights of members and participants, help reduce risks, and improve performance in UK healthcare market research. The BHBIA guidelines requires researchers to obtain informed consent from participants, respect participants’ rights, report adverse events, and differentiate market research from promotion.

All healthcare market research participants in the UK are protected under the BHBIA guidelines. The participants’ data are obtained in a transparent and fair manner whereby the information is secure and limited to the purposes of the research. Participants should be well informed of how their data will be used and understand that they may withdraw from a study at any time.

Cognitive team members have the legal basis for data processing and Cognitive ensures compliance on any updated or novel research methods. Cognitive respectfully handles participants’ data and limits data usage to the consented research objectives.