Cognitive and the IBM THINK 2019 Conference


Innovation demands open thinking.  Cognitive Consulting attended the IBM THINK 2019 Conference in San Francisco, CA to tap into educational opportunities outside of the expected norms and resources.  

Hosted by IBM, the THINK conference is a “gathering of visionaries, technologists and innovators.” THINK focuses on understanding and harnessing the newest tech to make advancements across industries.

The sessions we attended focused on data analytics and various applications of machine learning and AI. Speakers talked through fascinating case studies that introduced new applications of tech for both market research and strategic marketing.

What does this mean for Cognitive clients?  Cognitive has strengthened our ability to drive innovation.  We utilize machine learning to address key business questions across industries. Some of our most recent work has showcased the use of machine learning to:

  • Identify the attributes and behaviors of loyal product users
  • Bridge knowledge gaps across diverse medical data sources
  • Optimize forecasting models

Cognitive Consulting is committed to providing smart innovation to all our clients.  Innovation that has an impact on your business… not innovation for innovation’s sake. 

To learn more about applications of machine learning to key business questions and how our knowledge can benefit your team, contact