Building Brand Equity in Oil and Gas Environments


    Business Issue: Environmental pressure in the gas and oil sector has resulted in financial investment in new technologies that are expected to flow from the upstream sector to the midstream and finally downstream sectors.  With advancement in cleantech in mind, our client wanted to ensure brand performance for one of their gas turbines that is used as an air intake filter in the aerospace industry.  They were interested in tracking brand equity over the course of two years.    

    Methodology – Cognitive BEAT: Cognitive tracked two waves of ATU (Awareness, Trail, Usage) surveys to get an accurate picture of brand equity among gas turbines in the aerospace industry. Through these quantitative surveys, Cognitive uncovered brand equity-related insights, including awareness of and familiarity with product offerings, satisfaction with and perception of product offerings, key value drivers for differentiation, and brand and product usage habits.


    Highlighting Cognitive’s Product Portfolio

    • Industry:  Environmental Science (Cognitive GROW)
    • Consulting:  Performance Optimization
    • Product:  Cognitive BEAT – Market Tracking – Track (ATU) information that allows you to monitor market and brand health